The truth behind my beliefs


I have heard many times the word epistemology but I never really made an effort to learn and know what the meaning of the word, reason is do I need to know the word? Can I use it in my current work? And I told myself “never mind” because its not relevant at all. But then again the cruel faith of meeting epistemology again 😦 I would characterized my epistemological beliefs are all base on my experiences as an individual, the way I learn and how I learned and for me this epistemological beliefs that I have is more on facilitating than inhibiting because it is more on situational. According to Tony Bates (2014) Our underlying beliefs and values, usually shared by other experts in a subject domain, shape our approach to teaching. These underlying beliefs and values are often implicit and are often not directly shared with our students, even though they are seen as essential components of becoming an ‘expert’ in a particular subject domain.

As Peter(1979) pointed out that an educated man needs more than just the acquisition of knowledge ‘how’ and ‘that’. He must have a body of knowledge with the required level of conceptual scheme that will help him raise his knowledge above the level of an assemblage of disjointed facts and insights. As we have learned in module 5 and 6 that we learn through person who is a more knowledgeable other or MKO and through their guidance we acquire more knowledge and through the use of checklist or identifying the strength and weaknesses or areas of improvement we will know what is lacking and what needs to be change. We need to remember that teaching is a complex profession and we need to be aware of different types of knowledge and their importance to our students in order to provide the full contents to our students.
We have our existing belief and we have also the knowledge that we have acquired throughout our life learning and it affects how we impart knowledge to our students because when we teach we also bring a long with us our cultural beliefs ranging from religious to political beliefs but as an educator who teach students we need to be smart to know the truth and what to believe as this also has a big factor in the life of our student learner.


The Finale


It is my Final entry for my e-Journal for EDS 103, I don’t know what to feel, I don’t know if I feel relieve, happy or stressed seeing the word FINAL EXAM. Going back when the semester started I was like a fish plucked out of the ocean wherein I don’t know what to do and don’t know where to start. I am literally at lost but I remember the feeling of being proud because I am now part of University of the Philippines(hahahaha) I am an “Iskolar ng Bayan” even my husband and my family are rejoicing because they never thought I will be part of the prestigious university. My colleagues here in my company especially my fellow Filipino seems to be having a second thought of me passing the admission for UPOU probably I am just the ordinary employee with ability and capability as well as my brain capacity.There are a lot of struggles as my self-efficacy is being affected by people who talks around my back plus the toll of working full time. I have my work to think and my family to take care.
Before the start of the semester I have prioritized everything that way I will not deviate on that in order for me to cope up with my work, my lessons and for my family. This is what I did before the semester.
During the semester and studying the modules at first its hard and I was literally crying because I experience what they usually call mental block out, I was totally stressed. Information wise I am not familiar even the concept and ideas it’s all new to me. From my state of feeling failure there are people who really supported me emotionally and intellectually. Even though they’re not familiar with what I am talking about, they indulge me of what they call “my temporary insanity” but they are happy because even if they seem to be taken aback with my questions and inquiries they answer it in a way that give me insights on how they perceived my questions. And I have the time to engage my colleagues in a discussion worth sharing. I have learned a lot with the modules that was provided to us, it gives me new perspective and ideas and through these modules I easily understand how people behave, why they behave like that and through this I can control my emotions at what I want to show specially now that I clearly understand myself.
Whenever I start with every modules I always go back to the main objective of the course in order for me to be grounded not only through what I feel and what are my past experiences is. My journey is not easy, there are ups and downs but the objective of the course I think I have able to do it. I have met people and was inspired by them I never thought the distant learning can be this fun and I am now contemplating to have my kids enrolled to this type of learning. There may be some disadvantages as you will only interact with your peers through online communication but it is doable. I think I learn more doing e-learning than the formal classroom setting because I am following my own pace and my way of learning with a guided MKO.
Lastly, Through this learning process it opens my eyes with different perspective of being a teacher, it is no longer the “teacher” but an educator. It is no longer the end result of what I am aiming but instead it is what I get in the process. Thank you Ma’am Malou for your generosity in imparting your knowledge and to my Classmates that I have work with I do appreciate your insights and I admire you all. I learned a lot and will continuously learn.

Learn with a Happy Heart


I always hear this word of encouragement from everybody from time immemorial “You can do it” which sometimes a bit hard to do and to enact because we are just human beings and we tend to see our self unfairly 🙂 we judged already our own capability and ability and we have second thought about our skills.
I have read and understood the module for successful learning however when reflecting about successful learning there are a lot of questions that come to my mind. How did I learn successfully? Can successful learning manifest in one’s personality? Can I gauge my success in learning? these are the few questions that came up and frankly if I answer this questions I will answer it in a way that I will positively uplift myself 🙂 but in a more academic perspective I think about myself when I have started this semester. I don’t have any idea of all the topics that was introduce and first time that I have heard. And what I did is that I put more time in reading and learning the concepts and ideas. And slowly I was able to grasp every module that was provided. I am not sure sometimes if I answered it correctly the discussions that was provided by Ma’am Malou.
I Have further read that those people who are successful learners are; 1) Imagine the outcome where they view it as learning with a purpose, 2) they make failure fun – when I read this phrase I immediately remember those people who encountered failure and own it we have Mark Zuckerberg the one who created Facebook, we have Albert Einstein and other scientist who have failed but they make their failure fun. 3) Make accountability exhilarating – you as a learners you are accountable on how you will learn because there are people who tend to learn or study more when they are facing with deadlines and facing with exams.4) Think of text as a starting point – when we read a book we learn ideas, concept and theories and we transform it through our experiences. 5)Learn in your language- people learn in different ways and in different styles, people are either auditory learners or read and write learner like me . There are ways for us to learn successfully but it doesn’t mean that when we are successful learners we are also successful in life. Success comes not just from a great brain but more importantly from having a positive attitude. Believe that you can learn and master each new concept. Change the mindset by saying “I can do it” or writing positive affirmations. . The most successful people are those with positive mindsets.
Concept, Ideas, theories can be learned but it is how we apply in our daily life that make it useful. It’s not how you acquire knowledge but it is how we impart knowledge to other people that make it successful. Learning is not only through the walls of academes but it is also through our interaction with other people that we learn something may it be through a bad or good experience.
Let me use Teacher Malou’s favorite phrase in our subject “Learn with a Happy heart and take it with a happy heart.”

Foundation of Learning


Knowledge Construction?… when I first read the module what really catches my attention is the picture of a building being constructed. And I ask myself, prior to building a house or a tower it must have a good foundation in order to withstand all the season. This is the same with children who are acquiring new knowledge and for them to have an excellent meta-cognitive skills there should be a strong foundation. And according to experts that one way to have a good foundation for our kids is to begin with developing their potential at early years in life. At an early years children are very receptive to what other people are doing which can affect their daily way of life. As a parent we want our kids to be successful thus we make sure that they are given the proper education and guidance. Children learn  also by imitating and by doing things and through this we need to make sure as a parents that we can provide it with to our kids.
I have learned that learning needs to have a good foundation. We accommodate new learning from different assimilation that we have encountered or experiences and there may be disequilibrium in our learning curve but this is one way for us to learn different concept and ideas with the help of a more knowledgeable others(MKO) and if the MKO’s reinforce our learning through scaffolding we can be assured that we will have a good foundation in our learning. However there are also negative impact if the more knowledgeable others provided or reinforce it in different way then it affects the learning of the student or the individual.
The concept and ideas here in module 6 is thought provoking and there may be loop holes in my learning with this particular module I have gained new perspective that I can use personally and I can use it for future learning. Being a distant learner is hard as you can rely on your readings and through the insights provided by my Facilitator as well as with my classmates you have to cope up with everything but the key why I am still enjoying and learning new ideas is because it give a different meaning to me. Prior to Module 6 I was a bit critical on the ideas because what I am thinking is it might not be viable in the Philippine context as we have different perspective both the students and the learners and how can you use these ideas if even me seems to be not buying or believing in it. However by slowly understanding the lesson and trying to think critically some ideas and insights came to me and I remember one ad it pertains about learning of a child and I have changes my perspective regarding constructivist theories. And I am happy to have known this ideas as this will be a tool to help me to be a better or best teacher ever. 🙂
I would like to share the video and I know you will also learn from it.


Remember ME


Doing my journal for this module is like going through memory lane as we are discussing about long term and short term memory. I was just thinking if there is a traumatic event in your life during your childhood days can it be forgotten? or just buried deep in your brain that you just don’t want to remember but suddenly it just resurface and you are trying to find the answer and you don’t know what happened and how to share it with somebody else?

Since we are discussing cognitive theories of learning and there are examples provided like declarative, procedural ,attention etc; I am trying to remember how I am as a student? How was I able to graduate and finished my bachelors degree? Why did I ask this because I am trying to connect what I have learned from this module because my attention to certain subject varies, i love science and history and some of the general facts. I hate numbers but I love algebra it is easy for me but some they hate algebra and love trigonometry whereas me my grade in that subject is a flat 3.0 because frankly I don’t understand the sine and cosine and tangent, my best friend told me that all I need to do is follow the formula(eyes rolling) I really don’t get it. I can immediately understand the lesson when I read them or I have somebody with me doing brainstorming.

And there’s the discussion about primary and recency effect wherein it tells about how we remember things but then again in declarative and procedural it discussed about repetition of action, and for me they are contradicting each other o I am just confused about these concept. Anyhow I am trying to understand each and every concept in order for me to used it for myself while studying and working at the same time I can apply it to my kids.

I’m glad that this module pertains more on our cognitive aspects that way we can adjust or alter some of our ways and correct our mistakes this also help us in our kids and I can use it as a tool when I will be part of the academe.



I don’t have super powers nor an immortal but in my everyday life as a mother, wife, worker,daughter, sister and a friend I have learned valuable lessons in life that till now I have kept it in my heart and used them to guide me in my decisions. I have experiences triumph, failures even tragedy but this are my teachers in life it is my badge of honor :). They say that husbands retires at the age of 60 yrs old but we women don’t retire nor stop but we continuously doing what we are doing till we closed our eyes.

I am not a confident person I am just me, my parent honed me in a way that I will hurdle all the adversaries in life, my environment shapes me and learned from people from the bad experience that they have provided to good things that they have imparted to me as a person. I am who I am today because of these experiences, I am not an expert but I know what to do and how to do it, I use my common sense not only what the school taught me to do. I considered myself as street smart powered with academic teachings. I have met people along the way by chance or accident but one thing I know they make me a better person. I met people who encourage me, boost my confidence to the point of being haughty. I have my own role model, and I can do everything by the Grace of God.

I am not acing my exams when I was in school nor considered to be part of what they call “cream of the crop” what I remember is that my parents always tells me that “I can do it” which sometimes its hard to believe especially if you have a family who are all achievers from your great grand father down to your father and the sad fact is your teacher is your father’s teacher 😦 but instead of taking it in negative way I created my own name with my teachers I am no longer the daughter of my father but only me. The same thing with my kids they are not my kids when they are in school but they are making their own mark in the school, their own legacy not because they are my kids.

I am who I am, take it or leave it…

This is what I can reflect on what Social learning is, according to Albert Bandurra that there are 3 influences that affects our learning; personal factors, environment and behavior, we also read about modeling in nurturing learning and how high our self efficacy. We are considered to be a social animals and we always interact with other individual, and through this module I was able to understand more about the behavior of my kids and my behavior, why I act like this and think like this because of underlying factors.

Each and every individual are created differently from biological make up to learning style and cognitive ability, we have also different factors to consider like people who becomes our role model, who becomes our super hero the one that we want to emulate. These factors helps us to have a higher self efficacy or build our confidence and through experiences as well and repetitive actions may it be our work or in the school we are not only acquiring knowledge but also making us tougher and established our own self and identity.


A Mother’s Perspective


I am not a psychology graduate nor do have a background in human behavior however I am a mother and I try to do my best to raise my kids to be an asset to the community and not a liability. When I gave birth to my eldest I am clueless as what to do and how to do it and I am worried of how I can brought her up to be a “good child”. My eldest daughter is my learning curve and everyday is a new day for me to learn. When she started to talk and ask a lot I started to read few books to help me in raising her as well as consulting to pediatrician, one that I learned is that when I talk to her I always ask her to look at me directly in my eyes because according to her pediatrician that by doing this you are not only respecting the child but also you are sending a message that you are listening and that you are serious when talking to her(Classical conditioning).Until now that she is grown up whenever I talk to her she always do eye contact.

Being a parent you tend to check everything to ensure that you have provided the best of both world to your children, as much as possible you want the best that they can have. But you need also to balance everything as I always hear from older people ‘spare the rod and spoil the kid”, however it does not mean that when you spank the kid he/she will learn something out of it or it is considered to be an effective tool to discipline a child as behaviorist approach they have introduced the negative and positive approach in disciplining a child, like what we usually do to our kids, we have reward and punishment. When they good grades at the end of the school year they received something that they like but when their grades go down they know that they will be grounded and immediately their tablets, cellphones and other gadgets that they have will be taken away from them even the liberty of watching TV.

I never met Pavlov nor Skinner during my college days but what they have imparted to the world of learning is already beneficial to me as a parent and there may be criticism regarding the behaviorist approach you cannot forgo that they have influenced our educational system and even how we try to raise our kids we are doing or using their theories unknowingly. Now that I have studied module 3 and learned from it and already using it through my kids I will not stop because module 3 ended but instead I will continuously enhance whatever I have learned to used it to facilitate learning.